Premier League 2018: Chelsea vs Manchester United Live Stream

WorldSoccer.Stream – Is Chelsea able to regain the title this season? Wait a minute, the Blue Consistency will be tested by Manchester United in a moment. Chelsea will host Manchester United in the Premier League’s ninth week match which will be held at Stamford Bridge Stadium on Saturday (10/20/2018) at 18.30 WIB.

This game will be broadcast live beIN Sports 1. It can also be watched via Live Streaming on MAXStream. The ninth week of the Premier League, the top flight of the Premier League, will open with a prestigious game between Chelsea versus Manchester United on Saturday (10/19/2018). Chelsea will play host this time at Stamford Bridge Stadium. In addition, the quality of Mourinho will be tested this time. Because, four days later, Man United must host Juventus in the Champions League. Victory over Chelsea is the dead price that Mourinho must achieve if he does not want to lose his job. On the other hand, Chelsea have good capital to face this fight.

Chelsea are one of three teams unbeaten in the Premier League with Liverpool and Manchester City. Man United became the third team to rank in the last six last season against Chelsea in the Premier League this season. In the previous two games, Chelsea won 3-2 against Arsenal and a 1-1 draw against Liverpool. This result was achieved when Chelsea was the host. In contrast to Chelsea, Man United have only played one team against the top six last season.

Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri revealed that he would not underestimate Manchester United. For Maurizio Sarri, Manchester United remains one of the dangerous opponents in the Premier League this season. Sarri did not even hesitate to say the Red Devils had the best squad in the Premier League at this time.

In addition to the player’s problem, it is only natural that Maurizio Sarri is still guessing the game scheme that will be applied by Manchester United. Coach of the Red Devils, Jose Mourinho, was recorded to have tried five different formations this season, namely 4-1-4-1, 4-3-3 (attack), 4-3-3 (last), 3-5-2, and 4-2-3-1. As quoted from Squawka, the 4-3-3 formation is the most successful scheme of Mou against a team that plays like Chelsea now. The contrast situation is precisely seen in the stronghold of Chelsea who have won six results in the Premier League this season.

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