NASCAR Atlanta 2015 recap

NASCAR Atlanta 2015 recap – The ending was vintage in its execution. Despite being forced to begin at the rear of the sector following a tangle in qualifying, Jimmie Johnson combined unyielding determination and a organized approach to win Sunday’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

It’s precise kind ending wherever it is simple to suppose Johnson has recaptured the shape he wont to win six championships in AN eight-year span. and also the troubles of 2014 wherever Johnson struggled to adapt to a brand new rules package and he and crew chief Chad Knaus often bickered on the radio to the purpose there was open speculation concerning their relationship along ar currently a mere footnote.

The win was Johnson’s 71st of his career and just about guarantees he’ll be within the Chase for the Sprint for twelve consecutive year.

However, whereas Sunday was spectacular in its scope, what it’s not is season-defining nor an announcement concerning what is to return. What confused Johnson and his No. forty eight last year should still exist and a solution as to whether they are resolved will not be determined till the sample size is larger.

Johnson struggled in 2014 with a rules package that created the cars tighter, whereas he prefers a loose setup. That issue was most noticeable on tracks while not severe tire wear ANd wherever drivers will primarily go flat-out for an totality of a run. the precise opposite of the sort of track Atlanta represents.

At 1.54-miles long the venerable speedway is among the quickest on the schedule, however it’s additionally among the roughest. Tires quickly become chewed up if a driver does not manage them well and in contrast to most different tracks, Atlanta seldom can see crew chiefs antecede four recent tires as a result of doing therefore virtually ensures doom.

NASCAR Atlanta 2015 recap

Having to pace and preserve his tires over an extended run has continuously contend into Johnson’s strengths. This was true though the principles package turned the handling of his automotive into the antithesis of what he favored, like what happened last year. Despite the dearth of comfortabilty, he still won races in 2014 on tracks wherever tire management was overriding to success with victories at capital of Delaware International Speedway and Lone-Star State Motor Speedway.

A modification in rules this season as well as the lowering of the rear spoiler by twenty five p.c gave the perception the cars would return to being tougher to regulate and a lot of in line with Johnson’s preference. Sunday’s win perceived to reinforce that theory.

Except Atlanta was continuously attending to be a strength of the forty eight team, that is precisely however events contend out.

With the data NASCAR would throw a contest caution Lap twenty five as a result of rain, Johnson was aggressive early in overcoming his thirty seventh beginning position. Utilizing no matter groove was offered, he passed cars typically 2 and 3 at a time. From there, Johnson became a lot of conservative. conscious of tire wear, he bit by bit climbed up the leaderboard not taking the lead till Lap 198.

“Damn, that was awful,” aforementioned Knaus of Johnson’s dash from the rear. “We’re talking three-wide up at the highest, right down to rock bottom, browsing the center. it absolutely was simply fantastic.”

The real check to check if Johnson will recapture the dominance that free last season can are available in the weeks ahead. Foremost is next weekend’s race at city Motor Speedway, AN intermediate oval like Atlanta, except with AN ultra-smooth surface wherever tire wear is negligible.

“I suppose next weekend in Vegas can very be a telling sign that groups ar reasonably all set for the meat of the season and what our season’s supported,” Johnson aforementioned. “This does not hurt by any means that. i am feeling specialized, however i am not 100% there however. We’ll figure that out next weekend.”

A strong effort in Vegas and also the concept that 2014 was AN anomaly can with reason gain a lot of traction. however till then, Johnson was most definitely attending to win at some juncture this season, which it came at Atlanta is of no surprise.

Johnson and Knaus ar too smart to not have some semblance of success. This, however, is not a team measured in races wins however championships. And something but a record-tying seventh title are seen by them as a disappointment, though Sunday was a solid beginning.

“I simply grasp we tend to’re attending to still work and do the simplest we presumably will — that is the vintage forty eight (team) methodology,” Knaus aforementioned. “If you win, you simply place your head down, keep creating by removal and take a look at to urge following one. that is reasonably however we’re attending to approach the season.

“Just as a result of we tend to won these days does not imply we’re attending to visit Vegas and knock it out of the park. i believe we’ve the power to, however i do not suppose there is any givens by any stretch.”

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